Using The Primos Trigger Stick

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Using The Primos Trigger Stick



0:36 Announcer: Primos Hunting Calls presents Mastering the Art of Spring Turkey Hunting.

0:46 Man 1: Mr. Jimmy loves to shoot them guns doesn't he?

0:49 Man 2: Yeah he's kind of the brains behind all our tools and stuff we have. And think about 15 years ago we didn't have all those tight shooting guns and all those high velocity

0:58 Man 1: You'd be shooting a pattern this big.

1:00 (laughter)

1:01 Man 2: And that's why back in the old days you'd see people just get up and run to the turkeys, you know? Because the patterns weren't as tight and the shot and the shells weren't as strong as they are now.

1:11 Man 1: Now you got stronger shells and chokes that make a pattern that big if you want them to.

1:16 Man 2: It's like shooting an orange at them at ten, fifteen yards.

1:18 Man 1: You really got to get down and aim on them tight.

1:21 Man 3: And that's what's good about these right here.

1:22 Man 2: Yup.

1:23 Man 3: These short trigger sticks we got just for that, for sitting on the ground. You can get steady on a turkey, come in and really get down and aim like you're supposed to.

1:32 Man 2: Well, I can tell you this, especially for us it'd work great but like for fathers and grandfathers taking their kids and grandkids out, me hunting with Morgan and having this, I can set her up, with the decoys now,

1:46 Man 1: Right.

1:47 Man 2: that's what I like so much because you can kind of manipulate a situation with decoys and you know what turkeys gonna be pretty much you can call them. Set the kid up, put the gun on this, and they don't get tired.

2:00 Man 3: Before them, when I was a kid you had to prop them up on your knee

2:00 Man 1: wouldn't have strength to hold it up

2:03 Man 2: Prop it on your knee

2:04 Man 1: You already going to be shaking.

2:05 (laughter)

2:07 Man 2: Then we have the double trigger stick, that's the same as a single but like on uneven ground, you can set it there and you can just raise it by the, by pulling the trigger right there, you can raise and lower it. And what's pretty cool is say you're on unlevel ground on the side of a hill, you can have this side up and that side down or vice versa. Or if you've got a rock, you can have it like that.

2:28 Man 3: I really like that in case you got to set up really quick and you just don't, you're not in the most ideal spot, you got it right there and you can just get level real quick.

2:34 Man 2: And all you gotta do is pull that, raise it, pull it, lower it. And it's easy for a kid or beginner or us to use. I mean, it works great.

2:42 [Closing]

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