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Turkey Grand Slam - Plan Your Hunt
It’s regarded as one of the proudest accomplishments a turkey hunter can achieve—the Grand Slam. Collecting all four huntable United States subspecies—the Eastern, the Osceola, the Rio Grande and the Merriam’s—can take you virtually from coast-to-coast providing the hunter with not only an incredible variety of hunting challenges, but also an opportunity to tackle diverse terrain and conditions in pursuit of that ol’ longbeard.(Continue)

Turkey Hunting with Decoys
The morning was quickly passing me by as I drove away from the rising sun. I was late to the roost and was sick thinking about the consequences. It was my only day of hunting alone this season and it was already in the favor of Mother Nature. Upon my arrival to the site I had an incurable case of the fumbles. My shells were falling on the ground, my calls weren’t in the correct pockets, and I was doing everything in the loudest form of quiet imaginable. It reached the point where I just had to grab my gear and go. As I locked the truck and walked off, I thought of decoys. “I don’t need them; I’ve got to get goin’.” I immediately turned back knowing that if I didn’t have them I would most certainly need them. So I grabbed dekes and took to the woods.(Continue)

Turkey Hunting Product Reviews
Rocky Snake Boots: Rocky has hit the turkey woods running with their snake boots. These boots offer virtually everything the turkey hunter could ask for when chasing longbeards in the spring of the year. They offer a couple different soul designs that offer a grip on all types of terrain, whether you’re climbing loose gravel ridges, muddy swamp bottoms, or grassy hills, they can handle it. The soles hold on tight to the stuff you want and release the stuff you don't because of their self-cleaning design. The 15" Cordura uppers are backed with Gor-Tex to keep you dry on the way to the roost, especially walking through tall grass or small creeks that were deeper than you thought. All and all, these boots are lightweight, waterproof, comfortable and snakeproof, a must for the turkey hunter that doesn’t always tread lightly. (Continue)

Pro Ears Stalker - Drop Down
Pro Ears Stalker - Drop Down


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How To Call Turkeys With A Mouth Call
Many people learn how to use a mouth call, or a box call, or maybe even a slate call, then head to the woods throwing every call they know at the birds. Sometimes it may work, and others it may not. Knowing what you are saying to the birds may just help you up the odds in your favor next time you start a conversation with a talkative tom.(Continue)

Pot and Peg Calls:Surefire Tips for More Realistic Calling
Basic Understanding of the Pot and Peg Call: Call makers use different woods, molded plastics, and some are using metal to create unique “pots” capable of different sounds desired. Hard and Exotic woods tend to give a sharper, crisper sound, while softer woods give a more mellow tone. Some plastics and metals produce a higher pitch. Whether you are using slate, glass, aluminum, copper, or plexi, each of the calling surfaces have their own characteristics to make different sounds depending on what type of “pot” they are set in.(Continue)

Hunting Turkeys with Black Powder
Each year my friends and I get together before turkey season to swap old stories. We talk about those huge longbeards we saw from our stands during whitetail season, and our flawless plans to harvest them this spring. The stories fly about those state record gobblers that always hang up just out of range. We talk about proven techniques and the newest innovations that make us all such great hunters, and each year we pick fun at the old muzzleloader over the fireplace. Discussing how outdated it is and how impossible it would be to down one of today’s wily ol’ gobblers with it.(Continue)


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