Use A Goose Call As A Turkey Locator Call

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Use A Goose Call As A Turkey Locator Call



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0:36-0:44 (goose call)

0:45 Here's something a little different for you on a locator call. You know, owl and crow calls have been the number one calls to locate turkeys for years. I use a goose call.

There's a lot of days when you hear those geese in Kentucky and all over the United States coming off of beaver ponds or lakes. They're paired up. They're flying out and you just hear a moan and a cluck. And them old turkeys will gobble at them. Try a goose call the next time you're in the woods trying to locate the big gobbler.

1:13-1:19 (goose call)

1:20 [Closing]


1:43 Announcer: TurkeyHunting247

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