Setting Up For Turkey On A Field Edge

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Setting Up For Turkey On A Field Edge



0:39-0:44 (turkey call)

0:45 (turkey noises)(grass underfoot)

0:57-1:02 (turkey call)

1:02-1:13 (turkey noises)(grass underfoot)

1:14-1:16 (turkey call)

1:16-1:24 (turkey noises)(rustling of branches)

1:25 Alright guys, we've got a turkey gobbling down the other end of the field, just through this hedge row which connects to another field. We're going to talk a little bit about why I'm set up right here. As you can see, we've got good cover out in front of us. I've got good back cover here. I'm in a little bit of the shadows. It's allowing this real tree camo to work the way it was designed.

I can see out in front of me here pretty good. I can also see down the field here quite a ways through this cover which is going to allow me some good visuals and being able to pick up those turkeys if they come sneaking up the edge of this field. We've got good greenery. It's a beautiful day. Turkeys are gobbling. Let's get it on.

2:08-2:12  (turkey call)

2:13-2:14 (turkey noises)

2:15 Those turkeys are definitely in this field now. They've come across that hedge row. I can't see those turkeys yet and they can't see me either, which is a good thing. I've got just enough cover out here in front of me. I can see down the field a little bit, but what that cover's going to allow that to do is allow those turkeys to come up a little bit closer. Hopefully it'll offer me a shot opportunity here.

With all this cover in front of me here, you know, I'm just, it's allowing this real tree camouflage to do basically what it was designed to do and that's just melt into the woods. I'm utilizing some of the natural cover in these shadows. And hopefully, hopefully this set up off the field a little bit will allow that cover to just allow me to blend in.

If I was set up a little bit closer to the edge of this field, I might be jeopardizing my position and we all know that turkeys have the best eyesight.

3:11-3:13 (turkey noises)

3:14 Those turkeys are gobbling again. Let's get ready and let's get set up. Next time you're out in the woods, look for a spot like this where you have a lot of natural cover and hopefully that will help you stay concealed before those toms get in on you.

3:31-3:33 (turkey call)

3:34 (turkey noises)

3:41 [Closing]




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