Preparing A Fresh Turkey Fan For A Strutting Decoy

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Preparing A Fresh Turkey Fan For A Strutting Decoy



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0:40 One of the new crazes today is using full body or full strutting gobbler decoys. And one thing I like to do to make them look extremely real is I use a real fan. You know, they obviously come with a fake fan, but a real fan is going to add that realism, that little bit of feather movement, anything to give that extra edge to the hunter.

But when you kill a turkey, and you go to make a new fan, it's obviously going to take a few days for it to dry, sometimes a week for it to dry. One thing I've learned over the years is to take car body putty, Bondo car body putty and utilize it by putting it on the face of the fan and on the backside of the fan and as it dries, run a couple of wood screws through there. In about five minutes you've got a perfect fan. The next morning, you've got a fan you can use in your strutting gobbler decoy.

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