Picking The Best Position For Setting Up At The Base Of A Tree

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Picking The Best Position For Setting Up At The Base Of A Tree


0:36 [Introduction]

0:43-0:47  (turkey call)(turkey noises)

0:48 Did you hear that bird? He just sounded off. He sounds like he is hot. He called right on top of my call.

0:53 One of the things I'm going to look at here when I'm setting up on this bird is the area around me. I've got a field off to my right. And I've got a stream over my shoulder to the left. I've got open hard wood straight out in front of me. I have a feeling the bird's not going to come this way because it's just too thick and I have the stream behind me.

With that being said, if I set up this way to cover straight out, if the bird does sneak in on me, I'm not going to be able to get around because I'm also going to have issues with this tree.

1:28 (turkey noises)

1:29 He just gobbled again. I'm going to set up on this side of the tree. That way when the bird comes in, if he comes down through these open hard woods, or if he comes out here into the field, I'm going to have a great opportunity to sit where I can swing on that bird.

By quartering to the bird, I'm going to have the best position. So if the bird does sneak around to the left, I'm gonna still be able to swing around this way and I can cover everything out here in front of me because I'm right handed.

2:00 This is something that's often forgotten. Many people just think, set up behind a big tree that's going to block my cover. But sometimes it's better when you're almost quartering to the bird. That way you have an easier time shooting, setting up and ultimately getting the best shot you can.

2:29 (turkey call)

2:31 (turkey noises)

2:34 (turkey call)

2:40 [Closing]

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