Look For Turkey Sign in Cattle Pastures

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Look For Turkey Sign in Cattle Pastures



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0:41 You know, on all these pretty, green, beautiful hills here in Tennessee, people's got cattle on it and these turkeys love cattle. They like to be around cattle for some reason. I think one of the main reasons is turkeys like to get out here where these cow patties are and this time of year in particular, insects get under all these cow patties. They'll scratch and turn over, look, lots of scratching here where they've turned over and got the insects.

Turkeys love it; they feed on insects this time of year too. Their diet consists a lot of insects. You can see look here. Look at all this where they been scratching all through here. And that's what they've been doing, feeding on it. And you get up here and sit around these fields, just like what we've done today, sit around these fields and be patient, guarantee you'll see some hens up there just like we saw awhile ago. Go to calling to them, get them coming your way.

And I guarantee that old gobbler will be behind them. He's going to go right where those hens are. He didn't come to my calling. He was going right to where the hens was. The hens came to me and he followed the hens.

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