Knight And Hale Discuss Hunting Turkeys During Transition Period 2

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Knight And Hale Discuss Hunting Turkeys During Transition Period 2



0:36 David: Folks, what we're talking about is transition periods of turkeys. There's five different transition periods these turkeys go through. Last week we discussed transition period one and how to call up those turkeys. This week we're going to talk about transition period two.

0:49 David: Harold, last week the turkeys were in great big flocks. They got out of the winter mode, all these gobblers and hens together. What are they doing this week in transition period two?

0:55 Harold: Dave, this is when the turkeys are broken up. The hens have broke up. They think about nesting. This is the breeding time to see. This is when the gobblers are after the hens. You got your dominant gobbler and it's nothing uncommon to see two and three gobblers together. You got that old looker and you got that strutter and the breeding season's in.

Turkeys at this time of year are very vocal on the roost. I mean, they gobble. This is a time of year you can call. Let it all out. Use any type of call you want. You can cut, do a lot of cutting and make them gobble. And this is the time of year I really love to hunt turkeys because you can call them and they will respond to you and come to you.

1:38 David: One obvious characteristic of this time of year for me is that I've noticed in the past is, when that turkey quits gobbling early in the morning and you don't hear him anymore, it gets quiet for about an hour and a half, and he's breeding right then. He's got all his hens and all his buddies around him out there and they're all looking. And all of a sudden they know those hens are available again and these perimeter gobblers start gobbling.

1:57 Harold: That's correct, Dave. Like you say, he gobbled on the roost; he flew off; he shut up. And this is the time of year, again, you can do lots of calling and lots of loud calling.

2:09 David: Alright folks, there you have it. That's transition period two and how to call them and what they're doing. We'll see you next week with a new transition period.

2:16 [Closing]

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