How To Be More Effective At Calling Turkeys On Windy Days - Video Transcript

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How To Be More Effective At Calling Turkeys On Windy Days

Video Transcript

0:00 [Introduction]

0:36 [Calling a turkey]

0:49 You know as turkey hunters we have to deal with a lot of adversity. We've got terrain. We've got weather conditions like snow, rain. But the most adverse condition that I could think of that as a turkey hunter that we have to deal with is the wind.

1:05 I don't care where you are in the country, a windy day is a tough hunting situation no matter where you are. We can't hear the birds. The birds can't hear us. It's just tough all the way around. The thing I like to do when it's a windy day is...

1:25 get out of the wind. Down here, a little less windy, you can see the wind still blowing a little bit, but boy is it no where near as bad as it is on the top of that ridge. We've got turkey scratchings right here. The turkeys are in here. They're hiding from the wind too. They can hear a lot better down in here. They've got good visuals: nice, open hard woods. But just like any other calling situation when you're trying to locate that gobbler, you want to start off a little bit lower, a little bit softer volume. Use your mouth call; try to locate that turkey. And the reason why you want to start out a little bit softer is because the turkeys are in here too. You don't want to blow them out of the area by using too loud of a call too soon. So start off, a little bit softer. If you don't get any response, increase the volume a little bit. And the way I like to increase my volume when I'm calling on a windy day is I got a couple of calls in my vest and I've got one around my neck here that I like to use on windy days because it really, really has a nice high pitch shrill to it. It carries sound really well.

2:21 This is tube call. This is a new tube call. It's called the Long Ranger by Quaker Boy. Aptly named, the Long Ranger because it is sending that volume out there, a long ways. And days like today, perfect call. Perfect call.

2:37 [Demonstration of Long Ranger turkey call]

2:46 Real loud. Real sharp. Super crisp call.

2:51 Another call I like to use it my box call. A box call on a windy day will never be out of my vest. I carry my box calls with me wherever I go. This call in particular because it's so windy today, I grabbed this one because it's nice and loud. It's a very loud box call.

3:06 Again, we've got a little bit of wind blowing, not so much right here. I know the turkeys are in here because I started out with my mouth call. Increase the volume a little bit

3:21 [Demonstration of box call]

3:32 Nice high pitch. Really trying to get inside that turkey's head and make him shock gobble. Days like today that's all you can do: really try to get as close as you can to the birds and hopefully they will respond.

3:43 Next time you're out, on a nice windy day like today, keep these tips in mind. It may help you bag that windy day gobbler.

3:55 [Closing]

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