Hilltop Setup For Hard Hunted Gobblers

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Hilltop Setup For Hard Hunted Gobblers

Video Transcription

0:00 [Introduction]

0:37 [Turkey call]

0:51 [Turkey noises]

1:03 [Turkey call]

1:06 [Turkey noises]

1:13 [Turkey call]

1:18 That bird's still quite a ways out and I'll tell you what, these hard hunted lake gobblers are really tough to get on. They've been called to all season, just real difficult to get to even commit to you. What  I like to do in this situation that I put myself in here, this bird is down in a hollow. He's been hanging out here all season. Basically what I've done here is sit on the top of a knob. This knob kind of crests right about 20, 25 yards in front of me. The reason I chose to do this [turkey noises] oh man, he's coming. The reason I chose to do this is because as he approaches, he's not going to be able to see where the sound is coming from. It's going to keep him inquisitive. It's going to keep him looking. If he had a real large field of view where he could see, he might just hang out. But because he can't see where that sound is coming from, he's going to keep coming.

2:12 [Turkey call]

2:17 And he is coming. This bird right here, the one thing you've got to be careful of, is keep your gun set up in the direction the bird is gobbling. Right now he's straight out in front of me. And as he approaches, be aware that if he doesn't gobble for 10 seconds, 15 seconds, which isn't a long time, he can go from here to here in a second and blindside you. So be ready to move. Be aware of his spit and drama, if he's going to be struttin' when he's approach... [turkey noises] oh man, when he's approaching. And also listen for footsteps in the leaves. He's going to be rustling leaves and stuff, coming in just like you'd hear a deer or anything else.

3:00 So set yourself up on a tree where you can swing. Set yourself up in a position that the first time that bird comes into view, you can shoot him and be a clean, ethical harvest. I guarantee you, the next time you hit the field on those hard hunted gobblers in the spring, you're going to be more successful.

3:20 [Turkey call]

3:24 [Turkey noises]

3:28 [Closing]



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