Harold Knight And David Hale Explain Turkey Breeding Transition Periods

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Harold Knight And David Hale Explain Turkey Breeding Transition Periods



0:36 David: Harold one of the things I'm excited about in doing our spring airing this year is talk about the transition periods turkeys go through. I don't want that to sound difficult, but you have about five different transitions these turkeys are going to go through. And that's going to be transition one, two, three, four, five.

And during the  course of our spring airing, we're going to demonstrate each one of those individually. And the whole key to that thing is so people can see what their turkeys are doing so they know how to hunt them.

1:00 Harold: Well so many people hunt turkeys in a transition and they keep hunting them the same way all through the turkey season. I hope we can teach them and show them at different transitions you have to change your technique. The turkeys change so you gotta change with them to be more successful.

1:18 David: What we're going to do is we're going to dissect a map so to speak, across the United States in three different parallels. I want you to remember these words: pick a state and pick date. Now, what that means is, no matter what state you live in or what state you're going to hunt, if you'll pick that state and pick the corresponding date, in other words, in the south, it's going to be 15 calendar days than what's going to happen in the middle part of the United States. And it's going to be 30 days quicker than what's going to happen in the upper part of the United States.

The further you go up the United States, the more you get into your different transitions that are the same. What's exciting about this is, I'm living in Kentucky, our season opens up the 15th,,  normally right around the 15th of April. We never get to see the transition one and two.

1:58 Harold: No, we're in the third transition when Kentucky opens. And then using another scenario, we go south, to like Alabama or Florida,

2:07 David: We're going to hit the first and second transition.

2:09 Harold: Yeah, that's right.

2:09 David: So what's real neat about this whole thing, if you can figure out what transition period by walking out and looking at your turkeys, that the turkeys are in, then you're going to know how to hunt them because we're going to tell you during the course of this spring how to hunt each one of those transitions.

2:20 Harold: That's right. It's more than just hunting and calling. It's how you dress, everything.

2:25 David: If you'll learn what the transition periods are, it'll make you a hundred times better turkey hunter.

2:31 Harold: Absolutely.

2:33 [Closing]

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