Focus Your Pre-Season Scouting

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Focus Your Pre-Season Scouting



0:36-0:39 (turkey call)

0:40 Hi, I'm Jay Churchill. I had an awesome spring turkey hunt this year, probably one of the best I've ever had in my whole entire career. I got into the area really early. We walked in, struck our birds, scrambled to get a good set up, we were actually on the side of a rocky outcropping, that had a beautiful vista in front of us, hard woods, wide open.

Working the bird, the birds gobble, breaks off from other birds and starts to come in. And when I say starts to come in, I mean this bird was totally committed to us. Got him in 20, 25 yards, put the gun on him, down he went. Beautiful, beautiful hunt.

1:24 (gunshot)

1:25 The reason why I was so successful this year with that hunt, I did one thing and one thing only. I focused. When I use the word focus, I meant that I stayed with one family. Oh yeah, I had four or five locations. I'd go out in the morning before first light and I'd listen to these birds and those multiple locations. But I realized if I was going to be successful at all, I had to get with one family that would give me the best opportunity to harvest a bird and stay with that.

And that probably started six to eight weeks before the opening day of season. I got in there. I got to know the territory. I heard the birds on the roost; I heard the birds come out of the roost. I followed them when they came off the roost and followed the direction that they were going in. I wanted to be intimate with these birds. Even to the point that in the afternoon, having a pretty good idea of where they were coming back in to their own living room, I had my binoculars and I was watching them. I wanted to make sure they were as comfortable with their location as I was going to be with that location.

2:26 You do have to have backup places and it's always nice to do it, but you know what? I walked out with a beautiful bird over my shoulder this year and it was because of that one word, focus. And I certainly hope the little bit of information I've put forward to you today will help you harvest the bird your next time out.

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