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3:19 Matt: Yep.

3:20 Dave: And we set up real quick and we just started calling. You started calling and that happened quicker than a bird that we had earlier that was 70 yards in front of us with an obstacle of maybe a

3:33 Matt: a blow down.

3:34 Dave: blow down and a small creek.

3:35 (laughter)

3:36 Matt: Yep.

3:37 Dave: This bird here came across, came off that ridge and we really don't know if he flew up in a tree and then glid across the river. But he was there within

3:48 Matt: minutes

3:48 Dave: minutes

3:49 Matt: minutes he crossed it.

3:49 Dave: We weren't even ready. It was a joke actually. We're just sitting down

3:54 Matt: I'm doing, I'm doing a cut away, basically kind of creating the story with the video and alright, you know, here's Dave talking about the thing. And I pan out to do a call, to get the bird to gobble (turkey call) on the other side of the river. And as I'm doing it,

4:12 Dave: He's right here.

4:14 Matt: There he is. It's like he's right here.

4:14 Dave: We're busy swatting mosquitos and we're not even totally, completely even close to being ready.

4:19 Matt: Your scope wasn't on. Your gun wasn't up.

4:21 Dave: No.

4:22 Matt: I mean, nothing.

4:22 Dave: Nothing.

4:23 Matt: And there he is looking at us.

4:24 Dave: He's right there.

4:25 Matt: And that's exactly

4:27 Dave: 30 yards.

4:27 Matt: And you smoked him.

4:28 Dave: Yep.

4:29 Matt: Dude it was an awesome shot.

4:31 Dave: He gave me the opportunity, because obviously, I had to make sure you got him in the film.

4:35 Matt: Yeah, I had him and you're like, “do you have him?”, and I say yeah.

4:38 Dave: I had him but

4:39 Matt: And then he's like “my scope's not on” (laughs)

4:41 Dave: I had to turn the scope on. I said hey, we'll be right with you in a minute

4:43 Matt: Yeah. (laughs)

4:44 (gun shot)

4:45 Dave: Don't go anywhere; just hang out there a minute. And he did.

4:47 Matt: We'll make you a star.

4:48 Dave: And he cooperated and it was amazing. I was like, you gotta be kidding me. But you gotta look at his point of view, he went a long way.

4:54 Matt: He just flew that whole way.

4:56 Dave: I'm not leaving quite yet until I know exactly that, you know.

4:58 Matt: This isn't my girlfriend here.

4:59 Dave: Exactly.

5:00 Matt: But that's the exact point, is that we ultimately want to try to not deal with obstacles. We want to avoid those stone walls, like you said. We want to avoid those blow downs like we dealt with this morning first thing.

5:15 Dave: Yeah.

5:16 Matt: All these situations that can hang up a bird but never give up on a bird just because of them. And today, the Connecticut River was basically like

5:31 Dave: A giant obstacle, you would think.

5:32 Matt: Well, it was. But it was kind of like stairs. Okay, I'd rather through a doorway from one room to another but I will walk upstairs. You know, it's no big deal. And this was just kind of that stairway in this bird's home.

5:46 Dave: Yep.

5:46 Matt: He, I'm sure he flies across it every other day.

5:49 Dave: Always, probably day in an day out.

5:51 Matt: So just because there's an obstacle there, if it's part of that bird's everyday routine, don't  give up on it. Because I'll tell you what, like you did today and said let's set up on him, let's give hi a chance...

6:04 Dave: Sure.

6:04 Matt: he's right here. So, dude

6:09 Dave: That was incredible, Matt.

6:11 Matt: I gotta chalk it up as one of my top hunts ever.

6:13 Dave: I agree. Who would ever figure?

6:14 Matt: I never would have expected something like that. So keep that in mind and hopefully it's going to make you successful next time you hit the turkey woods. Hunt hard and hunt safe.

That was awesome.

6:26 Dave: That was awesome.

6:28 Matt: That was unbelievable.

6:28 Dave: Good job.

(high five)(laughter)

6:30 [Closing]

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