Dealing with Obstacles Big and Small While Turkey Hunting

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Dealing with Obstacles Big and Small While Turkey Hunting



0:36 Matt: How you doing? We had an amazing day today. I'm here today with field staff Dave Griser for TurkeyHunting24/7 and I'll tell you we ran into a situation today that was absolutely the ultimate obstacle that we've ever, ever had to deal with. And Dave, talk to us a little bit about how this went down and dealing with obstacles overall with turkey hunting.

1:06 Dave: You know as well as I do that turkey hunting is never textbook. We always think it's going to be textbook. In the tree in the morning, you've got them roosted. He's going to land at your feet and it's over.

1:18 Matt: Last year's a perfect example...

1:19 Dave: Perfect example

1:20 Matt: of that, never ended up on film.

1:21 Dave: Nope.

1:22 Matt: (laughs)

1:23 Dave: But you know, that's just the way it is. It's turkey hunting and you like it for that. So you never know if they're going to run around you. But whatever the case may be but there's always an obstacle in the way it seems like. No matter what happens, there's always some little snag that's going to inturrupt your hunt and it could turn good into bad, or bad into worse. And it's just the way it is.

1:42 Matt: And you've got, especially around the Northeast, we've got stone walls,

1:45 Dave: Stone walls are the worst

1:46 Matt: streams, blow downs

1:48 Dave: Blow downs, rivers, rock piles, big trees, small trees

1:53 Matt: Yep.

1:53 Dave: whatever. And a lot of times, especially like I always saw stone walls used to be a little bit of a thorn

1:58 Matt: Yeah, the taboo.

1:59 Dave: The taboo, you don't (indistinct) stone wall

1:59 Matt: Oh my god, you're going to hang up

2:00 Dave: Exactly. Today we had the biggest taboo, I would have thought, was the Connecticut River, which is who would have figured

2:10 Matt: 400, 500 yards across

2:10 Dave: 500 yards across. Plus the bird was probably in the woods a good 'nother 100, 150 yards. 

2:15 Matt: Yup.

2:16 Dave: And it was dead calm condition today so our call, your call carried right across there. And we're calling this direction through a thicket which was probably another obstacle that I would have never thought we would have tried to bird through but we gotta start with somewhere. And a bird gobbles on the other side of the river.

2:33-2:35 (turkey call)

2:35 Matt: The next town, literally.

2:36 Dave: The next town.

2:37 Matt: I mean and you put 400, 500 yards on something, just that river, is a quarter of a mile.

2:43 Dave: Easily. Absolutely is.

2:45 Matt: So how far was that bird, you know? But go ahead. I mean, what did you decide to do?

2:46 [on screen]: he's over there

2:50 Dave: Well, you know, you hear a bird gobble, nobody's walking away from that. You know that as well as I do. We're not going to continue on just because he's on, you gotta give him a chance.

2:58 Matt: I wasn't swimming though.

2:59 Dave: No, we weren't swimming.

3:00 Matt: (laughs)

3:01 Dave: And we didn't have your retriever.

3:02 Matt: No.

3:03 Dave: So we just look for the most open area. If it were to happen, what would the bird do? I mean birds fly everywhere, we know that. They do fly rivers and everything. But we don't witness it and we certainly don't ever hunt one on the other side of the river.

3:14 Matt: Exactly.

3:15 Dave: So we went to the most open area that was closest to us.

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