Changing Your Call Can Get A Response

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Changing Your Call Can Get A Response

Video Transcript

0:00 [Introduction]

0:37 [Turkey call]

0:49 (whispering) You know, we've been in here all morning long. We've been working this long beard and we saw him this morning. He worked pretty good in the tree, worked really good when he hit the ground for a little while. You know we were thinking about calling and he was gobbling on us already.

1:06 He just shut up. I don't know where he went. It's been about an hour since we heard this turkey. What I'm thinking is it's time to change it up. He's been listening to this mouth call. I want to switch to my box call. That little bit of change in tone, that little bit change in volume might just be enough to get inside that turkey's head and make him gobble.

1:31 Let me get my box out and see.

1:41 [Turkey call]

1:51 [Turkey noises]

1:54 (whispering) There he is. He just gobbled. He's about 100 yards behidn us. Maybe a little bit further. Just that little bit of change, that little bit of volume. 

2:06 [Turkey noises]

2:08 (whispering) Oh yeah, he's back there. I'm goign to sneak around to the other side of this tree. Remember, the next time you're in the woods, turkeys get used to hearing certain calls. Mix it up a little bit. Change it up. You've got a lot of calls, you might as well use them. Let's get set up. See what this turkey's going to do.

2:36 [Turkey call]

2:43 (whispering) Oh yeah, he's good. He's hot. Remember this tip the next time you're in the turkey woods. Let's get him.

3:01 [Closing]

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