Benefits of The Pre-Season Scrimmage

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Benefits of The Pre-Season Scrimmage



0:36-0:41 (footsteps)

0:42 It's an absolutely beautiful morning out here in April. Our season starts in a couple weeks and I'll tell you a great way to get out there and really tune yourself up for the season. If you notice, there's not a lot of leaves on the trees, so you're cover is really slim. You really got to be careful how you move in on birds. One thing that I really, really enjoy doing is getting out preseason and working some birds. But believe me, not on the properties you're going to go hunt because you're going to educate.

So what I like to do, this piece of property right here is actually a state park. There's no hunting allowed, none whatsoever, no by permit, no nothing. It is these birds are on here, they're non-huntable, non touchable by any means. So I come out here, I grab my camera and I like to shoot some pictures.

1:32 It gives me the opportunity to not only hone my skills prior to season, but it also gives me an idea of where those birds are in their mating cycle, how susceptible to the calling they are, how readily they're going to come in or how they're going to hang up, how they're reacting to those hens. So it's going to give you a lot of ideas on how to act when you come to opening day. So grab a camera. Get out there where you're not going to be calling your own birds that you're going to be hunt. Work some birds. It's going to help you get a little more educated on them, give you some experience, have a lot of fun and hopefully get you ready for opening day.

2:08-2:12 (turkey call)

2:13-2:14 (turkey noises)

2:14 There they go. I'll see you later.

2:15-2:18 (footsteps in leaves)

2:22-2:28 (turkey call)

2:29-2:30 (turkey noises)

2:31-3:34 (distant sounds of the wind punctuated by faint bird noises, airplane overhead)

3:35 (turkey call)

3:36-3:38 (turkey noises)

3:46-3:47 (turkey call)

3:48-3:49 (turkey noises)

3:50-4:10 (distant sounds of the wind punctuated by faint bird noises)

4:11-4:12 (turkey noises)

4:15 (turkey call)

4:16-4:17 (turkey noises)

4:25-4:27 (turkey call)

4:27-4:40 (turkey noises)

4:47 (turkey call)

4:54 [Closing]

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