Approach Hill Tops With Caution

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Approach Hill Tops With Caution



0:36-0:41  (turkey call)

0:45-1:03 (footsteps)

1:07-1:14 (turkey call)

1:16-1:22 (footsteps)

1:23 Hey folks, here's the deal. It's spring turkey season here in Vermont. We're approaching the top of a ridge. One thing I like to do before I come up to the top of a ridge and before I crest any sort of knoll or any sort of hill in the woods is I like to give a little bit of a call before I get there. I'll call a little bit; I'll use my ears and I'll listen and what I'm listening for is I'm listening for those turkeys. Turkeys like to hang out up on the tops here. I'm listening for scratches in leaves. I'm listening for that spit and drum is really what I'm listening for.

I'll ease up the hill a little bit, a couple more soft calls, and I'll be using my eyes and I'll be looking. I want to make sure that those turkeys don't spot me and don't silhouette me as I'm easing my way up.

2:14-2:35 (turkey call)

2:48-3:00 (footsteps)

3:04 Alright, we made it up top here without spooking any birds. We used our approach cautiously. We called from down below a little bit, eased our way up, called a little bit more. We're looking and listening the whole time we were on our way up here. Now that we're up top here, as you can see, it opens up quite a bit. It's a really nice flat up here. Turkeys can see for a long ways.

Now that we're up top, I'm going to call again because maybe those turkeys that are up here couldn't hear when I was down below. Sometimes in the woods when you get through the rolls and some of these dips, the sound carries a little bit differently. Now that we're up top, I know the sound's going to carry pretty good.

3:50-3:54 (turkey call)

3:55-3:56 (turkey noises)

3:58 That's the real deal. That's why we sneak up here. That's why we take our approaches cautiously to the top of these ridges. That bird's a little ways off. It's going to give me enough time to get around over here and get set up on him. Come on, let's go.

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